Suria, 4Utarid, one of the ICT's hard fans ! xDD I enjoy learning ICT but somehow, I got problems sometimes when learning it, Well people, nobody's perfect right, so this blog will tell you guys about the reflection on my side after learning it, Warmly welcome XOXO (=_=)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello Blog

Well, It has been ages since I last updated my blog.There are so many things to be told here, but never mind, maybe later. Hoho. Ohyeah I got A- in my last midyear examination.Ho Liao unexpected heh because I thought I'll get a B or something. Then, Im soooo grateful for it.Haha that's all. TTFN! O_o

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lesson on this Tuesday

We learnt about components in motherboard.Too many things to memorize heh.Too lots of thing need an explanation and and, ermm I think I have to revise more on this lesson.Miss Hani provide a quiz.Interesting but hard to drag the diagram and so so bla bla as you all know lah kan.Heheh but after all, today's lesson is great and nice.YEAH!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Im so dissapointed.END.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pathetic =.=

Today, we have ICT paper, for the last day of examination.What I've been sick off is, I've done my very best on them, but still,Im not satisfied as there are many of questions there that I've can't answer.It's not that I can't answer but Im not totally sure for my answer.Yeah, that's me.Less confident, that was what my mum told me =.= But, I hope for the best.I know that Miss Hani set the paper, she's good in setting it but it was quite hard lehh teacher T_T Aegyooo~

I HOPE FOR THE BEST FOR MY MARKS!And also, Im not sure if i can get an A for it =.=

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anti spyware

Ohyeah today we done our next assesment.We have to use the antispyware.I scan for my pendrive and then print it.After that I fill the form and put in the file,here I done! Huhuhu.

This was my report :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

After a lesson~

Ohyeahhh, I forgot to inform that we already learnt about Data Measurement last week and today we learnt about Clock Speed.I understand what Miss Hani try to explain about it, how to know the speed of the computer and many more.She also give us quiz by dividing us in two groups.And I with several of my friends was in Group A.Pathetically, we lose.The quiz asked us to anwer whether it is TRUE or FALSE.Hmmm, Im not in mood to describe about the quiz as Im so dissapointed because we didn't win because Im looking forward for my group to WIN today.Plus, I think "something not fair" happened just now.But then, nahhh, Im not going to think about it anymore now,It was just a simple and normal quiz but I don't know why Im so dissapointed.Bla bla bla..

Im updating my blog now because Miss Hani asked us to do so as we were not updating our blog for a couple of weeks.Huhuhu sorry teacher, but now i feel good for today and I hope for the same thing for the next lesson.
P/S: Teacher Hani, fighting! (^_~)

Presentation with Pn Zalina

I present my powerpoint about hacking with PN Zalina on the past Saturday.Im quite nervous as Im the only one presenter that day.Pn Zalina said that there are many wrong translation in my powerpoint because I used too many "Indonesia" words.But, I didnt notice it because I really understand what whas the sentence all about because Im also one of the Sinetron hard fans.Wakakakaa.But, thank you teacher for giving me full marks.Really appreciate.